Articles of Association of the Asian Cellular Therapy Organization

  1. Ⅰ. Name, Office and Purpose

    Article 1 Name

    The name of this general incorporated association shall be the “Asian Cellular Therapy Organization” (a.k.a. “ACTO”).

    Article 2 Office

    The registered office of the ACTO is located at #803, 4-4-15 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-0045 Japan.
    Chairperson of Executive Committee and Secretary of ACTO are responsible for the operation of ACTO under advice from auditor.

    Article 3 Purpose

    ACTO is an organization for the development of cellular therapies for the patients benefit in Asian Countries under collaboration among academy, industry and regulatory authority together with other scientific society internationally and regionally.

    Article 4 Activities

    In order to achieve the objective set forth in the preceding article, the Association shall engage in the following activities:

    1. Holding academic conferences, symposium, and lectures;
    2. Issuing an academic journal (bulletin), these, and other publications in the future. For starting period, ACTO will share the information with members via website.
    3. Maintaining communication and cooperation with other national and international cellular therapy societies and other related academic associations in Japan and abroad;
    4. Other activities required to achieve the objectives set forth in the preceding article.
  2. Ⅱ. Membership

    Article 5 Membership

    The ACTO shall comprise of Societies/Associations countries and individuals from Asian who have paid their annual fees and agree to abide by the Articles of Association described herein. ACTO will have international membership for those who are living outside Asian countries.
    For the beginning period, annual fee is not charged and annual fee will be charged after ACTO commence official journal or website information periodically.

    Article 6 Annual fees

    Annual fees shall be set by the Executive Committee. The annual fee for membership includes subscription to the “ACTO”. Previously paid membership fees shall not be returned for any reason whatsoever.

  3. Ⅲ. Executive Committee

    Article 7 Members of the Executive Committee

    The Executive Committee is responsible for the management of the ACTO, and it includes Chairperson, the Editor-in-Chief, each subcommittees chair and Vice President of each country. Chairperson, Secretary and Auditor will be nominated by the election by the Executive Committee members. The Executive committee can nominate subcommittee for special purposes which comprises of individual members nominated by the Executive Committee.

  4. Ⅳ. Official meetings

    Article 8 Official meetings

    The ACTO shall hold its annual meetings as well as local meetings organized by regional branch. Regional branch can be organized in each country. Annual meeting shall be organized by President of ACTO and local meeting shall be organized by Vice President of each country.

    Article 9 Meeting agenda

    In conjunction with these annual meetings, the Executive Committee meetings shall be convened to verify, address and make decisions as required with respect to issues.
    Chairperson shall provide agenda for the Executive Committee members prior to the meeting which include;

    1. Dates and location of forthcoming meetings
    2. Election of ACTO President and president elect.
    3. Themes/ issues to be addressed at forthcoming meetings
    4. Financial reporting
    5. Issues pertaining to “ACTO”
    6. Other issues

    Article 10 Sponsorship for meetings

    The ACTO annual meetings shall be sponsored by local organizing committee under President of ACTO in the country where annual meeting is held. Regional meeting shall be sponsored by reginal organizing committee under Vice President of the country where local meeting is held.

  5. Ⅴ. Revision and approval of the articles of association

    Article 11 Revision and approval of the articles of association

    The articles of association shall be revised for approval and/or revision at the Executive Committee meetings.

    Article 12 Effective date

    The Articles of Association shall be valid from November, 2013.

  6. Ⅵ. Budgets and accounts

    Article 13 Fiscal reporting

    The ACTO shall assign an official Accountant to give an accounting report for each fiscal year at the Executive Committee meetings for ACTO office operation. Accounting for annual meeting and local meeting shall be settled by local organizing committee following local regulations.

    Article 14 Audit

    The ACTO shall have its annual accounts regularly verified by a properly assigned auditor, prior to their submission to the Executive Committee for approval.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, these Articles of Association of the Asian Cellular Therapy Organization, a general incorporated association, shall be executed with the signature of Chairperson.


Akihiro Shimosaka